Why are we not teaching this essential skill?

I teach the ability to defend yourself, it’s fun and extremely effective.

Are you involved in Education – Teacher, Technician, Lecturer, Tutor, House Master/Mistress, Director or Governor?

Are you are parent with a child in year 5 or above, involved in the PTA or a Youth club organiser?

I work with and run classes for primary, secondary schools and further education.

Classes cover theoretical and practical sessions.

Combat Academy Chelmsford teaches self defence skills that are critical and essential personal safety skills for young people from aged 10 upwards.

The training

The sessions are both engaging and empowering. The content is designed to give knowledge of:

  • Personal Safety awareness
  • Mobile phone safety
  • Types of attack
  • Knife defence
  • Identifying potentially dangerous situations


The classes are designed to build confidence, self esteem and help fitness, to make new friends and enjoy learning simple but very effective skills that quickly become automatic responses.

Training groups can be run as either 1 off or multiple sessions.


As young people start to gain further independence in their development they start to be exposed to a greater number of potentially vulnerable situations.

Students will develop an important understanding of essential skills.


…….”I had been looking for a Self defence class for my 10-year old daughter, due to start Senior School soon and walk on her own… She’s learnt a lot over a short period of time and has grown in confidence. The fitness sessions at the end are also very beneficial. I would highly recommend Combat Academy Chelmsford’s classes in Essex.”

Essex Mum.


Teenagers will gain an understanding that provides skills for development into 6th form, college, university and work.

Some students attend classes for the physical category of their Duke of Edinburgh Bronze, Silver and Gold award.

All too often we see reports of knife attacks close to our neighbourhood.

Recently there have been publications highlighting an 8 year high in relation to fatal stabbings of teenagers and young adults.

…… “I wanted my teenage children to meet new people and try a new activity. I was recommended that they try Combat Academy Chelmsford, my children decided to “give it a go”. They both really enjoy going with the bonus that this activity can be used towards their Duke of Edinburgh award. As a parent I now feel that they are getting fit, meeting new people and having the bonus of keeping themselves safe.” 

Parent of Teenage Children


The classes can be delivered as a one-off taster or half day sessions. Alternatively, a course can be delivered over a period of weeks as an after school club etc, continuing to improve and develop stamina, fitness and various techniques within the syllabus.

…… “From my experience it’s not until something happens to you that you realise that you should have done something about it before it actually happens… Since attending these classes with Richard my life is back on track, my confidence is back I rarely suffer from anxiety and I have found something that I really enjoy doing. I strongly recommend that whoever reads this takes action and attends these classes you never know what is round the corner!” 

Mr R an Essex Student

Isn’t it better “to Know and Not Need than Need and Not Know!”


For further information please contact:

Richard Mitchener

07798 628 207