What’s the school of thought for self defence in schools?

What’s the school of thought for self defence in schools? – Should our Schools, Colleges and Universities offer Self defence classes?

There have been a fair amount of discussions in both local and national media recently about schools including self defence sessions in the day or as an after school club.

Combat Academy Chelmsford works with schools and universities across London and Essex delivering one-off, 1 to 3 hour sessions or a programme of group training sessions (normally in blocks of 6 x 1 or 2 hours per week) for pupils, students and tutors / staff as a team building activity.

Classes can run during the day to supplement the curriculum, whilst others run as an after school/university activity. The sessions can be tailored to clients’ requirements with maximum numbers for practical sessions being 15 at a time, dependent on venue. Training is normally outside on grass, however alternative arrangements can be discussed.

Self Defence and Personal Safety

It’s a life skill; with students acquiring the ability to defend themselves, NOT to fight or retaliate. Winning in self defence is NOT getting hurt, the practical techniques learnt are to be used as a last resort, avoidance is key.

Sessions cover personal safety awareness, including how, and what can be done, to improve our situations and potential Do’s and Don’ts with tech.

Sessions teach essential, basic life skills and are great fun for all. Content can also be tailored in terms of techniques taught, theory, personal safety and practical skills. Techniques can include standing and floor based skills, dependent on time availability, although most one off classes focus on standing skills.

Combat Academy Chelmsford self defence classes help build confidence, respect, self esteem and fitness.

Last few weeks in Year 6

Once SAT’s are over, primary schools often look to run classes for their year 6 pupils. These outdoor self defence taster sessions help children’s awareness to stay safe.

Year 6 pupils are obviously starting to look at their transition to Year 7, potentially one of the most daunting episodes in their young lives. Pupils start to gain greater independence, secondary school normally brings added responsibility, probably travelling to and from school on their own, with further to travel and often involving public transport. At this age they may also be in possession of their first mobile phone.self defence school in Essex

Secondary school

Classes for these age groups teach many varied techniques, both standing and floor based, including knife and rape defence. Many pupils use the self defence classes for their DofE award.

Attending University

Travelling and / or possibly living away from home in an unknown area? The next step in students’ lives creates potential issues as well as many exciting new opportunities.

Recent Media News

A few weeks ago there was a national announcement that there has been an increase of 22% in knife attacks.

If you are a Teacher, Governor, Tutor or a Parent please review my website for consideration; I cover Essex, London and surrounding areas.

My classes can aid development of young people into teenagers and young adults when awareness is vital.

On my social media account I ran a poll asking – “Should self defence / personal safety be taught in schools and other educational organisations?” The result was 96% in favour of this important skill being taught in our schools.

Self defence is an Important Life Skill

Self defence testimonials ..

… the Director of Boarding at an independent school, “I felt it was important to offer self-defence classes to our boarding students”.

One of the girls commented, “Self defence made me feel empowered and self-assured that in a compromising situation I would be able to defend myself.”

….. “I had been looking for a Self defence class for my 10-year old daughter, due to start Senior School soon and walk on her own. She’s learnt a lot over a short period of time and has grown in confidence. The fitness sessions at the end are also very beneficial. I would highly recommend Combat Academy Chelmsford classes in Essex.”

Next Steps for a Self Defence classes

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Stay Safe and Thank You for reading.

Richard Mitchener

Combat Academy Chelmsford and Essex Instructor