Self Defence Essex testimonial

15th December 2019

Its great to receive recognition from students please see below Self Defence Essex testimonial

“Richard, from the outset, has been great at listening to what my son & I wanted to gain from his sessions both in our initial call and subsequent training sessions.

He has always made us feel welcome and the ‘no one is better than anyone else’ attitude at the training sessions makes you feel very at ease. Everyone knuckles down to learn.

At every step Richard makes sure you are comfortable with the next step and the drills are fully explained. You are taken through step by step at your own pace. The fitness element of the session is also great. 

Richard has been very attentive in making my myself & my son feel comfortable at all times and has tailored elements of the session to cater for a particular section we wanted to learn/cover.

Richard is professional & personable. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending him”.

SDF Essex Mum and Son students

Main Benefits of Learning Self Defence

  • Increased risk awareness.
  • Feel more confident, help with fitness.
  • Learn an important life skill.
  • Build positive relationships, make Friends and have Fun.
  • Use for DofE Physical Activity.

Self Defence Theory and Practical Training options with SDF Essex

  • Half Day Beginners classes in Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford, Essex each month, for adults, families and youths from age 10.
    • Once completed weekly classes in these areas.
  • Taster classes 1 off or multi session / course in Essex.
    • Schools, Educational organisations, Team Building / Women’s, Mixed Adults and Youth Groups.
    • Parent and Child school holiday sessions.
  • Private 1 to 2 sessions in Essex.
  • Speaking events covering anti bullying and personal safety.

Book a self defence class or find out more

Interested in finding out more or wish to book a self defence class contact the Instructor Richard from SDF Essex …. 07798 628 207 or

Self Defence Essex testimonial