Self Defence Beginners class in Chelmsford

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Self Defence review from a recent Chelmsford Beginners class

Excellent self defence training, I highly recommend this for everyone as you don’t need to be super fit to do it. Me, my partner and my 17 year old son thoroughly enjoyed the beginners induction morning and we’d love to go back for more sessions! We learnt so much and had so much fun as well as being able to defend ourselves against an attack by the end of the session. Invaluable advice and training that everyone can benefit from no matter what your age. The Fitness part is manageable for everyone and is so much fun. Richard and his team are highly skilled and make the morning easy, fun and really enjoyable.

Testimonial Ms L Chelmsford SDF Essex Student

What are the benefits of learning Self Defence?


The training is generally outside and covers both theory of personal safety and practical techniques. Individually it will help build confidence, fitness, risk awareness and it’s a lot of fun. 

Many training options including a group or team building activity it can really make a difference and help build positive camaraderie, introduce and build new relationships, break through boundaries and barriers.

The sessions are always positive and encouraging with a ‘no one is better than anyone else’ attitude at the training sessions which helps students feel at ease and comfortable in what, to some, may be well out of their comfort zone.

Having some Self defence knowledge is better to know and hopefully not need rather than need and not know.

If you have an interest in a self defence beginners class for you or someone you know in Chelmsford or Brentwood or an Essex group / team building activity and would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener the Instructor of SDF Essex for training options.

Contact details:


📱 07798 628 207 

1st October 2017