Self Defence and Fitness in Chelmsford Essex

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“At the end of 2014 I set myself the objective for 2015 of learning the basics of defending myself against unarmed assault from a larger, stronger attacker. Additionally, I didn’t want to make a major commitment in terms of time and money. I stumbled upon SDF Essex and am delighted now to reflect on the past few months and say I have achieved my objective and within those limitations.
The education in the core principles, starting with personal space and distance, whilst appearing at first unspectacular, gave me an immediate return. And I have continued to learn vital skills with each session. On top of this I have met some really nice people and have gained an enthusiasm for the mix of styles upon which SDF Essex system is based. So now I enthusiastically look ahead to carrying on this journey!
Unlike making a commitment to learning, say, a martial art, arriving at my first session was not daunting, and there was no long-term scheduling and budgeting to do up front to make it fit with family life. The early sessions don’t carry this burden (there’s no feeling of an all-or-nothing commitment) and yet you learn from day one.
That said, thereafter – the next few sessions – is where you might require some resilience to stick with it. Why? Because it (the system) doesn’t have a fancy name or include (at first) Hollywood moves that might compensate for the frustrations of struggling to learn the initial technical stuff. Unknowingly, you will have immediately started to learn a very effective system of self-defence, but you need a few sessions – at your pace – to get that first “oh yeah, this stuff really works ” feeling. Like learning anything, you have to be patient and have faith; give SDF Essex about 5 or 6 sessions and you will gain confidence about defending yourself”.

Mr J. Student from Chelmsford Essex 26th August 2016