Outdoor self defence fitness in Brentwood

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Outdoor self defence fitness in Brentwood and Chelmsford

I was looking for a self defence class in Essex that offered something different to the various combat/martial arts classes I have been to in the past. This is the only one that will get me out of bed early on a Sunday morning and drive out of the area for. It is exactly what I was looking for.
Yes you train outdoors in all weathers but there is a reason for this, training in this way makes the situation more realistic. Richard teaches left and right moves so you are not limited and you can adapt to different situatIons. You will have the confidence to assess and carry out your actions due to the various scenarios Richard will present you.
Richard is a great teacher and it is obvious he is passionate about SDF Essex and what he is teaching his students.  He makes it very easy to follow his instructions as he is very patient and understanding and your safety and enjoyment of the class is his priority.

Every SDF Essex student I have worked with has been very nice, no one shows off or has been unfriendly and we all encourage each other. The fitness side was an added bonus for me as I enjoy using ‘non gym’ equipment so as to work different muscles.
I am looking forward to really progressing with this club and perfecting my training which I feel is so important in these times we live in.

Mrs K SDF Essex Student

If you have an interest in attending an Outdoor self defence and fitness class in Brentwood or Great Baddow Chelmsford Essex, or would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener the Owner Instructor of SDF Essex …. 07798 628 207 info@selfdefenceandfitness.com now.


3rd October 2017