Mother Daughter Self Defence

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SDF Essex Testimonial – Mother and Daughter attend families youths Self Defence Fitness class in Great Baddow Chelmsford Essex

SDF Essex – It’s Not Boot Camp or Martial Arts, it is situation based self defence, confidence building, stamina building, friendly and Fun.

Every week I learn something new, challenge myself and laugh.

Me and my daughter attend the families / teens class. Richard and the team bring the right level of seriousness and fun to engage us all. Quality family time and watching my daughter’s confidence grow has been priceless. Anything that can get a 13 year old voluntarily out of bed at 9.15am on a Saturday gets a thumbs up from me.

Ms L – Mother Daughter Self Defence students of SDF Essex

The training begins by attending a Beginners class in Brentwood or Great Baddow Chelmsford, covering theory personal safety, awareness and many practical skills, suitable for adults and youths from age 10.

Please contact Richard SDF Essex Instructor for further details, spaces are restricted and need to be booked in advance. 

Once completed, further weekly classes develop your skills and learn new self defence personal safety techniques, classes for adults, teens youths & families.

Classes are delivered on a pay as you go basis, no regular commitment required.

What are the benefits of learning Self Defence with SDF Essex?


The sessions are always positive and encouraging with a ‘no one is better than anyone else’ attitude at the training sessions which helps students feel at ease and comfortable in what, to some, may be well out of their comfort zone.

Having some Self defence knowledge is better to know and hopefully not need rather than need and not know.

Next steps

If you would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener the Owner Instructor of SDF Essex….07798 628 207

Ms L Chelmsford Student. 25th May 2017