Curriculum Extension Day

13th December 2021

School Curriculum Extension Day

Richard took part in our Year 9 Curriculum Extension Day, in which he spoke with our students about personal safety. He was able to give them tips and advice that they could put into action immediately; considering mobile phone usage and awareness, the importance of distance and raising the alarm using specific language.

Richard answered questions in detail and was friendly and approachable. I recommend him as a source of experience and knowledge, when educating young adults on the importance of avoiding risky situations and keeping themselves and their peers safe.

Acting Head of Year 9 Teacher

Self Defence Training

SDFEssex covers both theory and practical self defence aspects, are you thinking about learning self defence or do you know someone who would benefit from a session? 

The training begins by attending a Beginners half day class, covering theory personal safety, awareness and many practical skills suitable for adults, families and children from age 10. 

Beginners Self Defence

Beginner students can attended, future weekly classes to develop new skills.

Training is fun, helps with confidence and fitness, classes are delivered on a pay as you go basis.

Contact Instructor

Contact details call 07798 628207 or email

If you work or associated with an Essex school or higher education and would like to find out more, please contact regarding self defence personal safety training for pupils / students and or staff.