Confidence Self defence classes

3rd March 2020

Self Defence Anti Bullying Classes in Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford with SDF Essex, detailed below a testimonial from an Essex parent.

SDF Essex Testimonial

Richard I write to applaud you for your dedication to assisting
young people such as my son, to come out of their shell, and defend
themselves in time of trouble.

My son did enjoy himself today by participating in the self defence training session.
We look forward to joining you and other participants in next week’s practice.

Chelmsford Parent of self defence classes with SDF Essex

Confidence Self defence classes with SDF Essex

If you have a similar situation and would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener the Owner Instructor of SDF Essex

Are you thinking about attending a SDF Essex self defence class? If you have been looking to learn self defence, for yourself or someone you know but didn’t know where to start, or are concerned about attending, this could be just what you are looking for.

Spaces available for new beginners students to learn self defence techniques in Brentwood & Great Baddow Chelmsford Essex classes.

The training begins by attending a half day beginners class, covering theory, awareness and many practical skills suitable for adults and children from age 10.

Please contact Richard the Instructor ASAP for further information and next available dates training spaces are limited.

Once the beginners class is completed, SDF Essex students can attend the weekly classes help develop your skills and learn new techniques, classes for adults, teens youths & families.

Main benefits are fitness, improved confidence self defence life skills.

All training is fun, helps with confidence Self defence classes are delivered on a pay as you go basis, no regular commitment required.

Call Richard for information and book now.

Self Defence Anti Bullying Instructor
07798 628207
Why learn self defence with SDF Essex