Chelmsford self defence students learn the ability to defend themselves from attacks

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From my experience it’s not until something happens to you that you realise that you should have done something about it before it actually happens. Obviously we don’t walk out our doors everyday expecting for someone to randomly attack us but it doesn’t mean it won’t happen one day! It’s not about you as a person or personality, it’s more about realising that there are people out there that for no reason at all can attack you. Personally I had always been interested to do some form of self defence but had never got round to doing so and to be honest i thought I would never use it. That’s where I was wrong! I went through an awful experience myself walking home at night and I feel lucky to still be here to type this appraisal today. The fact of the matter is you can do everything to avoid certain people but one day these people may find you and it’s imperative that we should know how to protect ourselves. Richard is a fantastic instructor! He is kind, understanding, considerate, dedicated and patient. I have trained with him for nearly a year now and I feel so much more confident with being able to protect myself and others. After I was attacked I felt more things than one could possibly understand. I suffered with anxiety, I was paranoid, emotional, stressed, I had panic attacks, the list was endless. Since attending these classes with Richard my life is back on track, my confidence is back I rarely suffer from anxiety and I have found something that I really enjoy doing. I strongly recommend that whoever reads this takes action and attends these classes you never know what is round the corner!

If you have a similar situation and would like to find out more contact Richard Mitchener the Owner Instructor of Combat Academy in Essex….07798 628 207


Mr R Chelmsford student 11th June 2017