Team Building and Group Self Defence Activity in Essex

Why a Team Building Group Activity?

Team Building Group Self Defence activities can really make a difference and help build positive camaraderie, introduce and build new relationships, break through boundaries and barriers.
It has been proven that an environment that challenges people out of their comfort zone, pushes and stretches them, can prove to be a hugely positive experience enabling individuals to shine, often surprising and impressing their colleagues with sides of their personalities that are not visible in a work situation.
Self defence sessions offer team building activities in and around Essex, London, Kent, Suffolk and Norfolk. Theses events are often business networking, as product launches, staff morale builders, and can be run for either Women only or mixed Adult groups.
Your employees will feel valued and they will actually be learning valuable life skills within the self defence and personal safety training aspects of the event.

The Group Activity

Sessions normally run for 2 or 3 hours Outdoors or Indoors. Training options comprise:
Activity 1) 30 minutes of Theory covering personal safety and legal considerations, followed by 1.5 hours of Practical covering distance control, voice commands, protecting the head, restraining an attacker standing up and, if time allows, standing knife defence skills. The session finishes with ‘pressure testing’ – teaching the ability to avoid “Freezing” in an attack situation.

Activity 2) 60 minutes of Theory, covering a greater number of scenarios, followed by approximately 2 hours Practical which could include both standing and floor based techniques, if time allows, standing knife defence skills then finishing with pressure testing, teaching the ability to avoid “Freezing” in an attack situation.

I am really happy to discuss individual requirements on their focused activities.

Looking for a Team Building Self Defence Group activity?

I would be very interested to speak with groups organisations regarding training, either as a one off or multi sessions.

Please call me to find out more or book and learn self defence. The self defence activity could be just what you are looking for, very effective, beneficial, exciting and fun filled sessions.

Why a team building group activity? Self Defence activities can really make a difference.

Learn to defend yourself.

Feel more confident.

Learn an important life skill.

Help build positive relationships and have Fun.

Break through boundaries and barriers.

Contact me now for a chat and find out more / book your group session. Alternatively enquire about monthly beginners classes in Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford Essex.

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Thanks Richard Mitchener – SDF Essex Self Defence Instructor