Self Defence with SDF Essex

Do you have to be fit to attend a class?

No, what you bring to the table we can work with.

Will I physically be able to complete the moves in the training?

The techniques are very simple, this system is designed as a self defence programme without the challenges of complicated body positioning etc., please speak to Richard if you have a concern or to find out more.

How will learning self defence help me?

It can help in many ways, it’s great fun, you’ll make new friends and you can enjoy the fresh air outside or avoid the elements at indoor classes in Essex, whichever you prefer. Sessions cover both theory and practical and provide a system that will help you to defend yourself from a number of attack types including bullying, multiple attackers, knife and rape.

Why do people attend self defence training?

There are many reasons that people attend, to learn how to protect themselves and others, develop personal safety techniques, to prepare for going travelling, leaving home or living away. Others attend as a team building activity e.g. Women’s groups looking for practical tips, Hen and Birthday parties and many more.

You will receive an introduction to personal safety and self defence both theory and practical techniques in the most effective, beneficial, exciting and fun sessions, venues throughout Essex.

Training venues are both outdoor, indoor, Adults and Youths self defence classes, initially students commence with one of the monthly beginners sessions in either Brentwood, Chelmsford and Rayleigh training from age 10.

SDF Essex also runs training classes for Schools, Colleges, Universities,Corporate team building, Women’s and Youths groups, Hen & Birthday parties.

All activities are fun, positive, encouraging and challenging.
Sessions help build confidence and self esteem, teach a life skill, increase general awareness of surroundings and situations, whilst improving morale and fitness.

Find out more – Beginners classes in Essex

Contact Richard to book a beginners class or find out more..07798 628 207


Richard Mitchener

Self Defence Instructor