Self Defence Instructor Interview

Q1. Hi Richard what is your background?

My career background is in Retail Marketing, working for several national companies in senior management, in more recent years as a self employed Marketing consultant working in Essex.

Whilst at school I attended Judo classes for a number of years as I was being bullied at school, and then in my 20’s & 30’s I trained in Karate for some “me time” away from work.

Early in 2014 I decided to train and become a self defence instructor, in October 2014 I gained my level 3 Self Defence Instructor qualification, awarded by The UK Self Defence and Martial Arts Guild.

In January 2015 I opened my Essex based self defence and fitness classes in Chelmsford run on a Saturday morning and in December 2015 I opened Brentwood which runs on a Sunday morning. Both venues hold half day beginners classes each month that students can attend as their first class, and then further classes allow them to develop and learn new skills if they wish.

Q2. Who are your Self Defence classes aimed at?

Beginners – Children, Teens, Adults and Families

Women’s groups

Educational organisations and Team building activities 

My classes are from age 10 and I have students that are mature in age (some over pension age). Some of my students attend gyms regularly, some of my students have never seen a gym and probably never will. Students attend my classes for many reasons; 

Children in school years 6 & 7 onwards, as the child starts to be a little more independent. 

Teens and young adults as a physical activity for the Duke of Edinburgh award.

Youths, Adults, male and female looking to improve fitness, help feel more confident, looking to help with anxiety, exercise more and make new friends.

Individuals who have experienced bullying or an attack.

Students looking to go traveling or move away into a different area based on their job / study requirements, working alone or the nature of their role.

Q3. What are the benefits of learning Self Defence?


The training is generally outside and covers both theory of personal safety and practical techniques. Individually it will help build confidence, fitness, risk awareness and it’s a lot of fun. 

In a group or team building activity it can really make a difference and help build positive camaraderie, introduce and build new relationships, break through boundaries and barriers.

The sessions are always positive and encouraging with a ‘no one is better than anyone else’ attitude at the training sessions which helps students feel at ease and comfortable in what, to some, may be well out of their comfort zone.

Having some Self defence knowledge is better to know and hopefully not need rather than need and not know.

Q4. How are your sessions taught and what can your clients expect to learn?

There are several options including taster sessions or tailored courses for groups, however for individuals the most popular and beneficial approach is to attend a half day beginners self defence class, run each month in Brentwood and Chelmsford Essex.  Once completed, students can attend weekly sessions as and when in either venue.

The training covers mindset of an attacker, use of your voice, awareness, tech and mobile phone tips, practical techniques including many standing techniques, take downs and floor based (including rape defence) all with or without a knife in both left and right hands.

An element of fitness training is covered in most sessions. 

All training sessions are great fun yet very effective. The techniques do not rely on strength. Most people have heard of Fight & Flight in a confrontational situation. The brain can ‘Freeze’ in an attack, but the training will help you develop a learned response to an attack. The final section of each class always tests techniques that have just been learned in that class, this helps the brain develop a learned response to an attack.

Q5. What’s the best part about your job?

That’s easy, making a positive difference to people’s lives.

Seeing students (adults and youths) develop and gain confidence, improve their self esteem and witnessing how it affects them and their families. 

What I teach is a necessary life skill. Find out more contact details below.


📱 07798 628 207