Self Defence for London and Essex Classrooms

London and Essex Classes for our Students in Self Defence

Combat Academy Chelmsford self defence training will benefit pupils, students, tutors and staff. The classes, structured for 10 year olds and above, help develop confidence, respect and self esteem as well as fitness.

The training covers both theory and practical techniques. Our children grow up fast; personal safety and self defence are important life skills that everyone should know.

Self Defence for London and Essex ClassroomsYear 6

This is often the year when pupils start to have a little more responsibility, start walking to and from school, possibly even lucky enough to receive their own mobile phone.


Secondary School

Travelling to school for many pupils can include buses or trains for the first time, having further to walk and often means longer days combining earlier starts and / or later finishes.
They have greater independence, not just at educational activities.

 Attending College / University

Going travelling and / or living in a new area?Self Defence for London and Essex Classrooms The next step in students’ lives create potential issues as well as many exciting opportunities.

The self defence techniques learnt through Combat Academy Chelmsford training are relatively simple, extremely effective and fun. Learn the ability to avoid freezing in an attack situation. Develop skills and procedures for improving your awareness, personal safety, self defence, knife defence and rape avoidance.

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Better to Know Self Defence techniques and Not Need them than Need and Not Know!

Stay Safe!

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