Learning Self Defence skills its not all practical

Tip 1

Parents, as we near the start of the September school term, please be mindful of photos you take of your child in their school uniform. I know we are all proud and the first day photo is very important, however, please consider if you post the photos online / social media, it’’s worth considering editing the photo to not include the school badge / name.

Self Defence / Personal Safety Tip 2 

Earphones and Headphones, to help your awareness please consider removing or moving one ear piece away from the ear. This way you can still hear from the device but you will be more aware of your surroundings.

Self Defence / Personal Safety Tip 3

Adults and Young People, please don’t walk down the street with a mobile phone in your hand!

In the theory section of my classes I cover putting mobile phones away, out of sight. 

Mobile phone technology is important and gives us access to many aspects of our life, both business and social. Removing the phone from being on show reduces the focus and possible intent of an attack/ mugging.

If we are walking down the street to work, meeting a friend, shopping, going to/from school etc. and have our phone out texting or updating social media we are not concentrating on the roads, traffic, surroundings or people.

There are several safety issues about walking down the street with a phone in your hand; potential theft / accident crossing the road etc.

Consider this; whatever phone you have, would you walk down the road with the cash value of your phone in your hand?

If you need to text, stop walking, put your back against a wall, deal with the text then securely replace mobile in a bag or pocket and continue whatever you were doing.

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Self defence – It’s better to Know and Not Need than Need and Not Know.