I find myself with more time to read

With the current situation it’s allowed me some unexpected reading time.

I consider myself as having a reasonably positive “can do” attitude and really lucky that I have been introduced to some interesting books that help develop individuals. In addition I have also listened to and occasionally met some inspirational speakers from around the world.

My career background is somewhat different to my self defence business where I run classes in and around Essex, or is it?

Whatever job / business you are involved in, all businesses have many similar elements. Initially we have to sell ourselves, people buy from those they trust, whether it’s a martial arts instructor, outdoor fitness trainer or a confidence life coach etc.

Understanding personalities definitely helps us deal with enquiries to progress business.

Find what is important to your client and offer this to them.

Having a feel for how people prefer to be engaged with is also beneficial when working with students / clients and thinking about how to approach the explanation of technical details or the advantages of your products or services. In my case, the main advantage of SDF Essex self defence is that it’s relatively simple, very effective and a life skill that it’s better to know and not need than need and not know.

I’ve heard and read about different personality traits, such as phlegmatics, cholerics, sanguines and melancholics and the DISC system, my current re-read is Positive Personality Profiles by Robert Rohm. I heard Robert Rohm speak over 20 years ago covering the DISC personality types. 

The book identifies skills on how to communicate with different personalities, end result being you hopefully relate and communicate better.

To establish which category you fall into, you are asked:

  • Are you more task or people focused?
  • Are you more out going or reserved?

From these answers we can help build techniques.

D    Decisive

I      Inspiring

S     Supportive

C     Cautious

Understanding these traits is a powerful tool for building an appreciation of team members’ personalities, developing your people skills and better relationships with clients / students and family including children.

With the current challenges we are facing from a working situation, home schooling and establishing a new norm, re-reading and re-capping this great book helps reinforce a few extra skills.