Self Defence Hen Party activity in Essex

Self Defence Hen party activity in London and Essex.

Brides to Be – Looking for something a little different.

Firstly You Do Not have to be Super Fit!

This will suit the Hen or Self Defence Queen who is not looking to be pampered for a few hours and is seeking an outdoor activity that will challenge the group’s attendees, maybe take them out of their comfort zone and bring forward that survival instinct. Additionally sessions can help improve confidence and future awareness in potential everyday situations. Very effective, hands on activity for ages 10 to 70.

Hen Parties Self Defence in Essex

It’s better to Know and Not Need than Need and Not Know.Hens Defence

It’s great fun, particularly the practical part. The camaraderie that develops in the group is infectious, it’s a great mix between learning important life skills in both theory and practical techniques, and having fun, bonding, forming new relationships and breaking down any inhibitions in the group. This then sets the group up ready for any evening activities arranged and the Big Day itself.

The group trains with boxing gloves and thai pads compliantly attacking each other and learning these very valuable, simple but extremely effective techniques. Did I mention it’s FUN? It may even develop into being a little competitive, however, training is always positive and encouraging within the group.

Your party outfits are best left for other activities later in the day / evening and not recommended at this point, sensible footwear is essential.

Self-Defence sessions can be tailored to your Hen / group’s requirements but generally run from 2 to 3 hours:

Hens Defence


30 minutes of theory covering reasonable force, personal safety, followed by a minimum of 1.5 hours of practical covering distance control, voice commands, protecting the head, restraining an attacker standing up and, if time allows, standing knife defence skills. Sessions can include fitness, gauntlet style, with tyres, ropes, slam balls, core bags and more.

The session finishes with ‘pressure testing’ – teaching the ability to avoid “Freezing” in an attack situation.

Practical techniques group size maximum of 15.

Generally training sessions are Outdoors, however Indoors can be arranged.

Hens, Brides to be, Chief Bridesmaids and Hen party organisers.

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