Half term school holiday’s in Essex

Its half term school holiday’s in Essex – Have you noticed how many people walk with mobile phones in their hand?

My self defence training covers practical and theory skills, learn mobile phones safety tips help reduce intent of an attack mugging.

Please don’t walk down the street with your mobile phone in your hand!

Recently there have been a number of local incidents targeting mobile phones. 

What to do with your mobile phone.

From a personal safety point of view, I teach in my theory section of the self defence class, to put mobile phones away, out of sight. 

Removing the phone from being on show reduces the focus and possible intent of an attack/ mugging.

Mobile technology is important and gives us access to various parts of our life both business and social.

If we are walking down the street to work, meeting a friend, shopping, going to/from school etc. and have our phone out texting, updating social media, playing games etc. we are not concentrating on the roads, traffic, surroundings or people.

There are several safety aspects of concern about walking down the street with mobile phones in your hand; potential theft, potential accident crossing the road etc.

Consider this; whatever phone you have, would you walk down the road with the cash value of your phone in your hand? E.g. a Smart phone can be several hundreds of pounds.

Whats recommended to do with your mobile phone.

If you need to text, call or email, stop walking, put your back against a wall, deal with the text etc., then securely replace mobile in a bag or pocket and continue with whatever you were doing.

Attend our self defence class and learn skills to help improving your safety.

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What’s the benefits of joining the self defence class?

The hidden advantages that this training will give are endless; improving self esteem, building confidence, increasing awareness and making new friends. The obvious benefits are toning up, improving fitness and learning an important Life Skill – self defence.

Students looking for an activity for a DofE award, why not consider my self defence training?

Half day Beginners self defence class

Brentwood, and Great Baddow, Chelmsford Beginners classes run each month.

Alternatively, why not hold your own Team Building, Women’s / Youth group Self Defence taster session?

Bespoke Self Defence group taster sessions; training can include rape and/or knife defence. Classes can be 1-off or a course of sessions.