Self Defence Life skills Educational Activities with SDF Essex

Educational Offers in Self DefenceEducational offers in Self defence personal safety classes in Schools, Colleges and Universities with SDF Essex.

SDF Essex works with groups, both primary and secondary schools plus other educational organisations, women’s and youth organisations.

Self defence training is a life skill, it helps with confidence, self esteem, fitness, develops strong bonds of friendship and respect.

Classes are for students aged 10 years and above.

Ages 10 and 11 are often when children start to have a little more responsibility and independence, start walking to and from school and preparing to move up to secondary school. Children often receive their first mobile phone around this age too, so SDF Essex courses cover personal safety skills including aspects with tech.

Attending secondary school, for most, means travelling further and possibly using buses or trains for the first time, plus longer days combining earlier starts and / or later finishes.

A number of Teenagers and Young Adults use my class for their Duke of Edinburgh awards.

Attending College / University?

Going travelling and / or living in a new area?

The next steps in students’ lives create potential issues as well as many exciting opportunities.

The options for training are to attend my weekly classes in Brentwood or Chelmsford or to take part in specific Group Classes that can be held throughout London and Essex.

Group classes can run as a 1 off taster session or a multi session course. Techniques covered include theory and practical skills, standing and floor based aspects of an attack including knife and rape defence.

The programme can be tailored for pupils, students, staff, tutors, women’s groups, youth groups, mixed adult sessions and team building activities.

Some of these run during the day, whilst others run as an end of day activity or later in the evening.

All sessions teach essential basic skills and are great fun.

SDF Essex Testimonial

…….”I had been looking for a Self defence class for my 10-year old daughter, due to start Senior School soon and walk on her own… She’s learnt a lot over a short period of time and has grown in confidence.  I would highly recommend the SDF Essex training”

Essex Mum

The self defence techniques learnt through the training are relatively simple, extremely effective and fun. Learn the ability to avoid freezing in an attack situation by perfecting learned responses. Develop skills and procedures for improving your awareness and being prepared if the unthinkable were to happen.

Training is always positive, encouraging and challenging.


…… “I wanted my teenage children, to meet new people and try a new activity. I was recommended that they try the beginners class, my children decided to “give it a go”. They both really enjoy going with the bonus that this activity can be used towards their Duke of Edinburgh award. As a parent I now feel that they are getting fit, meeting new people and having the bonus of keeping themselves safe.”

Parent of Teenagers

In an attack, surviving unharmed is winning. With this in mind, the importance of good avoidance skills in the form of effective movement, breakaway skills and an impenetrable guard cannot be underestimated.

Many attacks and encounters either start or end up with grabbing, pushing and pulling. Effective clinching or grappling means that you can use and manipulate this process. Grappling and clinching is also a highly effective way of avoiding being hit and therefore preventing injury. It is also a precursor to an attack ending up on the floor.

Example content of a 6 week course.

Personal safety – Do’s and Don’ts with mobile phones / earphonesEducational Offers in Self Defence
Reasonable force
Attack vs Fight
Different types of an Attack
Mindset of an Attacker
D.E.F.O.F. – 5 Stages of an attack

Using your voice
Distance and Movement
Body Positioning
Take down
Floor techniques
Knife defenceEducational Offers in Self Defence

Important Info.

£10m Public Liability Insurance.

Enhanced DBS.

First Aid trained.

Level 3 Self Defence Instructor qualification from The UK Self Defence & Martial Arts Guild.

A link to testimonials from students / groups who have attended training sessions Here

What Next?

SDF Essex would appreciate the opportunity to meet and discuss the possibility of running tailored sessions based on any organisation’s requirements for students and / or staff.

If you are involved with an educational organisation and would like information regarding a single taster session or a multi session event please contact via the details below.

The first step is to contact Richard SDF Essex Instructor:


SDF Essex Contact details

Richard Mitchener

07798 628 207