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Contact SDFEssex self defence Self defence training sessions in Brentwood and Chelmsford Essex. To find out more please contact SDFEssex self defence via Email, call or text Richard the Instructor.


Telephone: 07798 628 207

All Training sessions are, friendly, welcoming, supportive and encouraging by all and all attendees are respectful, considerate and understand and practice compliance to others.

When people push themselves out of their comfort zone it stretches them, it can be a rewarding and positive experience surprising themselves and others, this helps build confidence.

Learning reality based self defence is a vital life skill, its not a sport.

SDFEssex self defence training covers both theory and extremely effective practical techniques, developing a learned response helps to avoid freezing, builds confidence, awareness, fitness and self esteem in a fun, respectful and positive environment.

Training is suitable for adults, families and children from age 10.

I don’t teach students to fight, I teach the ability to avoid getting hurt, you don’t have to hurt the attacker, you just have to stop the attacker hurting you.

Self defence, it’s better to know and not need than need and not know.

Any questions please contact SDFEssex self defence, keep safe.

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SDF Essex – Self Defence Personal Safety Tip 1

When returning to your parked car; as you approach from a safe distance look around the vehicle, having completed your distance checks have a look through into the back seat before you get in, when in the vehicle lock the doors and keep windows closed.

I always try to reverse into a parking spot to allow easier access and visibility, especially in badly lit areas.

If you are uncomfortable or suspect something isn’t right before approaching your vehicle, return back to your previous location e.g. shop, restaurant, work or security and ask for help.

SDF Essex – Self Defence Personal Safety Tip 2

Ensure you are aware of the following safety campaigns:

  •   Ask Angela Campaign
  •  Reporting Assault on the Rail Network i.e. Text 61016
  •  If you are unable to speak on a 999 call when prompted type 55 then the emergency operator will know you can’t speak.

SDF Essex – Self Defence Personal Safety Tip 3

Calling for “help” if you are in a vulnerable situation is very important, however, being very specific with your instruction will be far more effective.

Obviously I hope this never happens, but if you need to raise an alarm shouting out “help help help” creates awareness, which may deter the attacker, but the public are less informed and there is no urgent focus on who should help you.

Be specific i.e. “Man in the blue jumper, can you please phone the police this person is attacking me.”

Alternatively, “Lady in the Red top please phone the police now, he is attacking me.”

The public are less likely to think “Are they messing about” and hopefully help.

The first stance taught is passive, non aggressive and in any language it identifies as calm down.

CCTV is only visual not audio so your stance gives an immediate opinion to public and CCTV of the perception of what is happing.

SDF Essex – Self Defence Personal Safety Tip 4

Please don’t walk down the street with a mobile phone in your hand!

In the theory section of my classes I cover putting mobile phones away, out of sight. 

Mobile phone technology is important and gives us access to many aspects of our life, both business and social. Removing the phone from being on show reduces the focus and possible intent of an attack/ mugging.

If we are walking down the street to / from work, meeting a friend, shopping, going to/from school etc. and have our phone out texting or updating social media we are not concentrating on the roads, traffic, surroundings or people.

There are several safety issues about walking down the street with a phone in your hand; potential theft / accident crossing the road etc.

Consider this; whatever phone you have, would you walk down the road with the cash value of your phone in your hand?

If you need to text, stop walking, put your back against a wall, deal with the text / call then securely replace mobile in a bag or pocket and continue whatever you were doing.

A few comments below from past and present students that have attended, please contact SDFEssex Self Defence for session information.


Why learn self defence with SDF EssexSDF Essex Testimonials –

Domestic abuse victim attends outdoor self defence and fitness Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford classes with SDF Essex

From my initial inquiry about SDF Essex Richard has been attentive to detail. He is incredibly passionate and his energy and pride is infectious.

I approached SDF Essex at a time when I was in a very dark place. Having had been in a very toxic and abusive relationship, it was suggested that I look into self defence classes.

Dubious to say the least I made my inquiries and Richard put me at ease from the very first interaction with him. He asked me questions although was always very considerate as not to pry.

Having now attended 5 sessions, I am pleased to say that Richard has really helped me along my road to recovery. He has always been considerate and conscious of the experiences I have been through and will always check to make sure that I really am okay.

He is flexible and encourages you to make as many classes as you can but there is no pressure to feel like you have to attend every week. For me this works out perfectly as a single parent and having only every other weekend free I can’t commit to make every Sunday.

He’ll work you hard and you certainly feel it for the week to follow but I feel invigorated, confident and empowered to take on the world.

Thank you.

 Self defence physical activity for DofE award Brentwood and Chelmsford outdoor classes with SDF Essex

“Having moved to Essex with two teenage children, I wanted them to meet new people and try a new activity. I was recommended that they try SDF Essex. I contacted Richard who was so helpful and my children decided to “give it a go”. They both really enjoy going with the bonus that this activity can be used towards their Duke of Edinburgh award. As a parent I now feel that they are getting fit, meeting new people and having the bonus of keeping themselves safe”

…”I joined the self defence classes in the summer of 2017 as a way of meeting new people due to recently moving to Chelmsford and to be part of my physical section for my Gold Duke of Edinburgh award. I have throughly enjoyed the year, getting to meet a range of different people and learning a range of skills to keep myself safe. Despite sometimes the cold wet weather, the community spirit was always good and kept me motivated. I would recommend this activity to anyone who wants to meet new people, keep fit and to be aware of how to protect yourself”.

Contact SDFEssex self defence now to find to more.


Telephone: 07798 628 207