Change Lockdown SDF Essex

Just a couple of thoughts, change lockdown SDF Essex self defence. 

We’re approaching our sixth week of lockdown, I hope you’re staying safe and well. 

There’s been a lot of change over those weeks whether that’s getting to grips with new routines at home, working arrangements, schooling, technology and many more. 

In general often we don’t like change.

In a few short weeks many have had to adapt massively and quickly.

Maybe we should be more confident about our ability to change.

I remember a book I read about 20 years ago called “Who moved my cheese?”by Dr Spencer Johnson, really good short read. 

The book describes change, and typical reactions to those changes. 

Change Happens

Anticipate Change

Monitor Change

Adapt to Change Quickly

Enjoy Change

Be Ready to Quickly Change & Enjoy it, Again

I believe things for some will  be very different, certainly short term. 

Change is inevitable, how we deal with it comes down to attitudes.

What have we learnt, seen or done differently in this current experience?

I believe we are friendlier and possibly more appreciative of and considerate to others; long may this continue.

There are certainly lots of hero’s and role models that have been truly inspiring, some I may not have considered 6 months ago. Sorry & Thank you. 

Please stay in safe, stay fit and well, and stay in contact.

Change lockdown SDF Essex Self Defence