What are the benefits of my self defence classes in Essex?

There are many, and each student will find something different for them out of the Self defence training classes. In this respect I detail below six brief areas that my training can help with: Confidence Confidence is not something that can be learned like a set of rules; confidence is a state of mind. Learning a life skill like self defence and overcoming emotions and fears when training help to empower students. Learning an automatic response in a potentially frightening […]

Attitude and Life skills – Self Defence and Confidence

I consider myself as having a positive “can do” attitude and really lucky that I have been introduced to some interesting books that help develop individuals. In addition I have also listened to and occasionally met some inspirational speakers from around the world. I’m a firm believer that ‘we are where we are based on our decisions’ and ‘we make our own luck’. My career background is somewhat different to my self defence business where I run classes in and […]

Team Building / Women’s Group Self Defence Activity

Combat Academy Team Building / Women’s Group Self Defence Activity Why Team Building / Women’s Group? Team Building / Group Self Defence and fitness activities can really make a difference and help build positive camaraderie, introduce and build new relationships, break through boundaries and barriers. It has been proven that an environment that challenges people out of their comfort zone, pushes and stretches them, can prove to be a hugely positive experience enabling individuals to shine, often surprising and impressing their […]

Bullying can have a big impact on Adults’ & Youths’ confidence.

What is your reason why? Students attend my self defence classes in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Rayleigh Essex for many reasons ….. Many people are seeking to Improve Fitness, Confidence or Self Esteem. Some people have experienced a frightening Personal situation such as Bullying, a Rape attack, a Hate Crime etc. Others are keen to make new friends whilst Exercising, Toning Up and Learning important Life skills to aid Personal safety with effective Self defence techniques including knife defence, standing and […]

DEFOF Self defence system at Anglian Ruskin University Chelmsford FSB networking

I was pleased to be asked to speak at the FSB monthly networking event at Anglian Ruskin University Chelmsford. I covered a little of #DEFOF Combat Academy Chelmsford and Essex. DEFOF 5 stages of an attack. Distance Understanding and controlling Distance from the attacker and any weapon. Engage At this point the attacker has justified in their head what their intentions are and has now focused on an individual or group. If the victim has no option but to engage […]

Reality-based Self Defence with Combat Academy in Essex. The Life skill you hope you never need

As we go about our lives we come across various potentially dangerous situations. Attackers generally have the ability to hurt their victims, however they do NOT want to get hurt or caught but to get away with their aim. Combat Academy Chelmsford self defence classes in Essex teach students techniques to maximize their ability to avoid being hurt in an attack, not to fight, but defend themselves and others… Do you have to be fit to attend a class? No, […]

Promoting my Essex based Self Defence classes with Combat Academy Chelmsford

Last month it was the iPhone’s 10th birthday, look at how much technology has changed and is now so accessible to us all. I saw a fridge freezer advertised for sale last week, that you can watch TV on, listen to music via and use an internal camera to view products inside it on your mobile phone whilst at work in a different city. What will be possible in another 10 years – how exciting is this? However, whatever technology […]

Essex Self Defence Inductions with Fitness

Essex based self defence, we don’t have to look far these days to read or hear about a wide variety of attacks. I remember I heard about how the authorities in Nepal, following the tragic Earthquake, were giving self defence classes to Women and Children, following concerns of attacks in the refugee camps. Over the last couple of years or so since I started Combat Academy Chelmsford, maybe my listening has become more selective to these situations, but I’m sure […]