Beginners Self Defence Classes with SDFEssex 

Beginners self defence training suitable for adults, families and children aged 10 plus. Thinking of learning a few techniques on how to defend yourself from an attack? 

Please call for availability of the half day beginners self defence class in Brentwood or Chelmsford, these sessions need to be booked and confirmed in advance.

07798 628207

Students are always free to watch and or take part in the activity, there are no have to’s.

All Training sessions are, friendly, welcoming, supportive and encouraging by all. All attendees are respectful, considerate and understand and practice compliance to others.

When people push themselves out of their comfort zone it stretches them. It can be a rewarding and positive experience, surprising themselves, this helps to build confidence.

Self defence isn’t just practical skills. Martial arts practical skills are to be used as a last resort. Part of the theory personal safety aspect teaches awareness and avoidance.

SDFEssex Beginners Self Defence Testimonial

“I had been looking for a Self defence class for my 10-year old daughter, due to start Senior School soon and walk on her own. She’s learnt a lot over a short period of time and has grown in confidence. The fitness sessions at the end are also very beneficial. I would highly recommend these classes in Brentwood and Chelmsford Essex.”

Mother and Daughter attending Self Defence classes.

Beginners Self Defence What’s included

The beginners class includes theory covering personal safety, reasonable force, awareness and tips with tech.

Then the next couple of hours cover practical techniques including importance of personal space, how and what to say. Restraining an attacker standing, taking an attacker to the ground and restraining the individual on the ground.

Martial arts self defence training also helps build fitness and confidence, applying the techniques students have learnt in the class. This reinforces the actions required to overcome the “freeze” element of an attack.

Generally most people have heard of the Fight or Flight reaction. Students learn responses to an attack, to help avoid Freezing.

“My daughter and I would like to say just how much we enjoyed Saturday’s beginners class (even with the wind and rain!). We found it informative and my daughter loved the practical side. She came away buzzing. We would definitely recommend”

Mum and Daughter attending a Chelmsford Beginners Self Defence class.

Testimonial Self Defence with SDF Essex

Interested in finding out more? – What to do next

The cost for this half day beginners class is £30pp, further weekend SDFEssex club morning sessions are adults £10, youths £7.50. Each month SDFEssex runs the 1 off half day beginners self defence class in Mountnessing Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford. 

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(This must be booked in advance & confirmed).


(All first classes must booked in advance & confirmed).


SDFEssex members self defence weekly classes

Chelmsford Essexbeginners self defence

Following a beginners self defence class, students can then join as SDFEssex members developing skills and learning many new techniques at the self defence weekly weekend classes on a pay as you go basis.

Brentwood Essex

Sunday TBC.