SDF Essex Self Defence

We don’t have to look far these days to read or hear about a wide variety of attacks. Over the last few years or so since I started teaching self defence, maybe my listening has become more selective to these situations, but I’m sure hardly a week goes by without being notified by social media of an unprovoked physical attack, SDF Essex teaches self defence for beginners. Beginners Self defence classes in Brentwood and Great Baddow, Chelmsford My self defence […]

Self Defence with SDF Essex

Do you have to be fit to attend a class? No, what you bring to the table we can work with. Will I physically be able to complete the moves in the training? The techniques are very simple, this system is designed as a self defence programme without the challenges of complicated body positioning etc., please speak to Richard if you have a concern or to find out more. How will learning self defence help me? It can help in […]

AntiBullying week November 2019

Anti-Bullying Week happens in schools across England each November. This year’s Anti-Bullying Week has the theme “Change Starts With Us” and runs from Monday 11th November – Friday 15th November 2019. Last week millions of children went #Back2School, sadly many of them will experience some kind of bullying.  Everybody has the right to go about their daily lives without the fear of being threatened, assaulted or harassed. No one should underestimate the impact that bullying can have on a person’s life. Anyone […]

Learning Self Defence skills its not all practical

Tip 1 Parents, as we near the start of the September school term, please be mindful of photos you take of your child in their school uniform. I know we are all proud and the first day photo is very important, however, please consider if you post the photos online / social media, it’’s worth considering editing the photo to not include the school badge / name. Self Defence / Personal Safety Tip 2  Earphones and Headphones, to help your […]

Self Defence Instructor Interview

Q1. Hi Richard what is your background? My career background is in Retail Marketing, working for several national companies in senior management, in more recent years as a self employed Marketing consultant working in Essex. Whilst at school I attended Judo classes for a number of years as I was being bullied at school, and then in my 20’s & 30’s I trained in Karate for some “me time” away from work. Early in 2014 I decided to train and […]

Rayleigh Self Defence Parent & Child Sessions

Are you interested in a 1-off parent and child self defence taster session in Rayleigh during the summer?  Parents with children going into school years 6 & 7 in September; the training will help build confidence and awareness as your child starts to become a little more independent.  The 2 hour self-defence taster session covers theory, mobile phone safety and practical techniques (no take downs). Rayleigh Essex class details Monday 29th July 2pm to 4pm Monday 12th August 11am to […]

Corporate self defence lessons in Essex.

Why a corporate team building self defence lesson?. I work with various size companies, currently in Essex, however happy to look further afield to deliver important self defence / personal safety lessons. This is an important life skill, particularly in this day and age. Many career roles involve working on your own or sometimes in areas or at times of day where you may be more vulnerable. It is important to understand and be aware of our situation at all […]

Team Building and Group Self Defence Activity in Essex

Why a Team Building Group Activity? Team Building Group Self Defence activities can really make a difference and help build positive camaraderie, introduce and build new relationships, break through boundaries and barriers.It has been proven that an environment that challenges people out of their comfort zone, pushes and stretches them, can prove to be a hugely positive experience enabling individuals to shine, often surprising and impressing their colleagues with sides of their personalities that are not visible in a work […]

Learn Self Defence in Essex, help Defend Yourself

Are you able to defend yourself if attacked or would you freeze? I hope this never happens, however, would you be able to defend yourself in an attack?  Knife Rape Hate Learn to avoid Freezing in an attack. Bullying and more Are you looking to learn self defence in Brentwood, Chelmsford and Essex? No … Do you know anyone who would benefit from learning a few self defence and personal safety skills: Teenagers. A friend looking to help build their […]

Self defence training in Essex

Over the last few months I have been working, in addition to my weekly classes in Brentwood and Great Baddow Chelmsford, with many varied clients all over Essex. Self defence sessions run with the following groups: Corporate Teambuilding Primary schools Secondary schools Universities Women’s / Networking groups Women’s and Youth groups Personal Trainers / Fitness Instructors 1 to 1 Private classes Weekly classes are held outdoors, but often taster and group sessions are inside. Group sessions can be tailored for […]